A special message from Coach Tim

In January of 2012, we embarked on a mission to provide a youth football program to the lower east side of New York City. Our mission was to provide a positive outlet for the young people in the area and for some, a way to a better life through our "Run to Daylight Education Program". We believe football is a lot like life. We draw from the words of the great Coach and motivator Vince Lombardi:

"It’s not what you do when you get knocked down, it is what you do after that counts in life."

We believe that our program has made a profound impact in these young people’s lives. Our inaugural season brought on numerous challenges: for example, we did not even have a chin strap when we initially started in January. We reached out to our friends of the program and asked for help. By February 2012, we had enough equipment to suit over 200 Student Athletes!

This year has taught me more about the human spirit than at any other time in my life. I met numerous young people from the shelter that was just two blocks away from our home field. If you ever need a dose of gratitude, come down and watch numerous kids in our summer workouts, who do not know where their next meal will come from. There is a certain bond that these young men shared among one another because of the circumstances from where they came. They had nothing but each other, and that led to a camaraderie and friendship that will last a life time.

We visited several Prep Schools this year. Our first visit was Loomis Chaffee where the boys were able to tour the school and play a game. This visit was followed by visits to Choate Rosemary Hall and Berkshire Academy. Our boys were able to tour the schools and some eventually applied for admission through our "Run to Daylight Education Program." One of the most moving moments of the year came the night before we were leaving for Loomis Chaffee. We would make the boys wear collared shirts, dress pants, and shoes for every school visit we went on. We wanted the boys to feel like it was college game, where the team is required to dress appropriately when visiting their opponents. I was approached by one of our players, a 14 year old young man. He had an embarrassed look in his eyes and a heavy heart as he approached me. He then began to whisper to me, "Coach I do not have a pair of shoes." My heart sank to my knees. I put my hand on his shoulder and told him, "Do not worry son, I will get you a pair of shoes." I went home and took out the best pair of shoes I owned. I returned the next day and handed them to the young man. I gave him the shoes in front of the shelter where he lived, away from anyone’s sight so he did not have to feel that he was less than anyone because of his circumstances.

It was moments like these that made up our season. It wasn’t the fact we made the playoffs in our first year; it wasn’t the fact we played against and beat teams that had been together for decades; it wasn’t the fact our staff was given the COACH of the Year Award. We feel that this is the beginning of a lesson that will teach these young people how to empower themselves and work for what they want in their lives. We believe we are using football as a vehicle to better these young people. We constantly emphasize grades, discipline, selflessness and doing something nice for someone else every day but not telling anyone about it.

This season was one of the greatest years for our coaching staff and we look forward to 2013, as we build a lasting, life changing program on the lower east side in Manhattan for these young people.

--Coach Timothy Cavanaugh

The program concentrates on finding candidates who are not just athletes but dedicated students as well. These student-athletes are matched with schools that can offer a better education than normally found in the inner city public school system.
Our Beginnings...

In 1997 Stephen G. Hoffman and Timothy Cavanaugh started The Run to Daylight Education Program. Together they had the vision of providing the players with the opportunity to attend some of the top boarding schools in the northeast as well as local private schools in the New York City area.

Tragically, Stephen Hoffman was among those lost in the World Trade Center disaster during the events of September 11th, 2001.

Coach Tim is now joined by the first Run to Daylight Education Program candidate Taylor Sele in our mission to help our players attend some of the most prominent prep schools in the country. Taylor had been accepted to the preparatory school Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts in September of 1999. After a successful prep-school career as the state of Massachusetts' third ranked high school prospect and one of the tops in the nation, Taylor was courted by Notre Dame, Maryland, and Kentucky before deciding to attend Boston College. As of the fall of 2002 he was red-shirted and we all anticipate a stellar collegiate career to come.

Since the start, the Run to Daylight Education Program has helped upwards of 35 other young men in fulfilling their dreams of attending these prominent academic institutions.
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NY1 News Site recently ran this story about us:
Run To Daylight Volunteers Help Steer Queens Kids To Private Schools
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Each year The Run to Daylight Education Program hopes to be more successful than the last. This year alone eighteen former players will be heading to some of the following well-respected schools: Choate Rosemary Hall, Poly Prep, New Hampton, Lawrence Academy, St. Thomas Moore, and Avon Old Farms. The list grows every day.

Our long term vision for the program is to one day be able to send 50 student-athletes per year to these prominent boarding schools. Eventually we would like to grow in our scope to include a building, which would serve as an after school tutoring facility for the SAT, SSAT, ISEE exams and tutoring for individual subjects.

Choate Rosemary Hall
Williston North Hampton
New Hampton
Lawrence Academy
Pomfret Academy
Hebron Academy
Philips Andover
Middlesex School
Phillips Exeter Academy
Salisbury School
Loomis Chaffee
Proctor Academy
Tilton School
Kents Hill School
Cheshire Academy
Hotchkiss School
Fryeburg Academy
Portsmouth Abbey School
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New York City Lions
Youth Football League
While our commitment to our kids is unquestionable, we cannot do all of this alone. We rely on tax-deductible donations to our league to survive financially. The registration fees we charge basically cover our operating expenses. We will never turn down a child who wants to play football even if he cannot pay the registration fee.

We have a saying: "We'll supply the equipment if you supply the commitment." Well, we are asking for a commitment from you, however small, in order to keep assisting these young men and to continue our resounding successes.

Run To Daylight Education Program is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
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